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VIRIBUSCONSULT is an Agri-business consulting company, focusing on project development and post-implementation support to both the project proponents as well as the funder.
We have a firm understanding of the South African Agri-landscape and the urgent need for solving the funding challenges of agriculture to restore the industry’s long-term viability.
We have a focused desire to broaden the basis of sound commercial/transformation collaboration in the Agri-industry.


In Latin, ‘VIRIBUS’ means to ‘Endeavor with total Dedication’
Viribus resembles a combination of Viridi(Green) and Cibus(Food), which reflects on our approach to optimise the production of food in a regenerative way.



Our service offering encompasses the whole Agri business value chain

  • Through technical service to Projects and Agri Funders.
  • Enabling corporate community partnerships.
  • Consulting on an ad hoc basis.

To succeed we need to excel in our core values

  • By nurturing long-term relationships with our clients, service providers and associates.
  • That our conduct reflects the highest standard of professionalism.
  • To embrace a value system that underpins a viable business and are commercially motivated in a transforming economy.


Anton van Zyl


Horticulturist with diverse knowledge of international fresh produce value-chains. He also has a sound understanding of the dairy- and meat industries as well as Agri-processing and -marketing.

Clive Trent


Agronomist with vast experience of the South African wine value-chain and blueberry production. He has a sound knowledge of the fresh produce industry, with specific reference to fruit and niche products like figs and pomegranates.

Clients & Projects

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  • 4 Armon Avenue, Wellington 7650, SOUTH AFRICA

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